Surname : FAVRE

Favourites :

Politician : John Ellis BUSH & Margaret THATCHER

Films :
The Big Blue by Luc BESSON
Blade Runner by Ridley SCOTT
Always by Steven SPIELBERG
Realisator ALMODOVAR Pedro and STONE Oliver

Greetings to my first girlfriend SCHMULOVITZ Chloé

Keyword : tooth in the right eye of Saint Olaf

Friendly : Yossef SAVITSKI you have got beautiful teeth

Singers :

Band : Roxette from Sweden

Television series :
Miami Vice & The X-Files

Cartoon strip : Thorgal Rosinski Van Hamme

Book : "Dead Poets Society" by Nancy H. Kleinbaum

Writers : Guy de Maupassant & Edgar Allan Poe

Roman Emperor : Domitien

Favorite position : Andromaque

To my wife Sabrini LENTINI di Napoli Bread Baker Cereals under TRAJAN of Spain we have had two daughters and two sons in my anterior life
To my wife Tina DE BRUGGE works in Amsterdam she has a blue star LHC Davos Hockey Club Switzerland tattoo on her left leg we have two daughters and two sons living in Louvain Belgium in my present life

Secret service : emperor of Japan

King : William of Orange-Nassau

World power nuclear military axe strategic : Great Britain Israel India USA

European military axe strategic : Sweden Finland Switzerland Serbia Austria

Abroad Castles : Scottish Highland

Sculpture : La Pietà by Michel Angelo BUONARROTI

Painters : Rembrandt & Vermeer

Cartoon serie : Captain Flam

Special unit : US Navy Seals Team 2 and 4 little creek Virginia USA

Community : Amish Pennsylvania USA

Esotherism : white magic druidism

Angeology : Caliel 18 face to life Vishnou face to life
Tsaphkiel promotion from America to Jupiter
Cassiel salvation

Saints : Saint Patrick and Sainte Brigitte

Pirate flag : Reynet Geneva Switzerland - Calico Jack Rackham overseas  Uncanny girl Callisto #169 valley Kâlî Faces of death

Scientific : DEUTSCH David cryptologist and codebreaker inovator

Cosmology : Asteroid Callisto 204 Asteroid California 341 Trifid Nebula M20 JIV Moon Callisto Crater Bran Asgard Schoemaker Levy-9 Saturn White hole

Cali : caliente heat calix pope callistos the most beautiful California State Calif Ryad successor Habuhiah

Animals: Dolphin Swan Beluga

Cooking : Italian & Swedish

Voluntary action : gift of blood number of donor 044025 since 1995

Places : San Francisco USA & Helsinki Finland

Sport : Natation Triathlon Décathlon


Feasts : All Saints & Halloween

Tribe of Indian : Algonquin Landscape Sioux Clothing

Race of Horse : Appaloosa

Dance : Tango (Buenos Aires) & Andalucia (Sevilla)

A number carries happiness : 34

Future : more than 33,50% of the population living in the United States of America (300 millions) will be hispanic (100 millions) in 2050

Sister cities : Stockholm Sweden and Cali Colombia Lucknow India and Montréal Canada

Egyptian Object : Wishing Cup of Toutenkhamoun in calcite

First name : Romain

Date of birth : 24.08.74
Place of birth : Cali (Colombia)
Nationality : Swiss

Origin : Genève Bramois
             Bourgeois de Sion (since 1968)
Height : 168 cm
Weight : 65 kg
Registry office : Single

Intime size : 15,2 cm

Intelligence quotient : 118

Swiss Life Fund (CH) Portofolio Global Balanced (CHF) Libre Pilier 3B FAVRE Romain

Ethnicity : American Native

Religion : Roman Catholic
                Order of the holy Ghost

Eglise Catholique Romaine du Sacré Coeur de Plainpalais Genève Suisse
Holy see Gabriele Amorth
Switzerland Saint Andrew
Colombia Santa Teresa d'Avila

Hobbies : Travel and Cinema Formation : Business employee

See also :

La Dent FAVRE 2916,8 mètres VD/VS/CH
Statue FAVRE Louis Engineer GE/CH
Parc FAVRE William Noble GE/CH
Atheneum FAVRE Alice Philanthropist
Building of "L'Armoirial" 1983 Evolène VS/CH

Ex-employer :
World Economic Forum Cologny-Davos edition 1994 with ERSKINE Barbara
Swissair Cointrin WYLER Catherine
Banque Cantonale de Genève BEZAGUET Nathalie
Israeli Embassy at Salon du Livre Palexpo Geneva edition 2003 with LADERACH Claudia
Address : Rue de la Flèche 8 1207 Geneva Switzerland

Patronym of FAVRE : Latin
Shoesmith GB Shoeing Marshal USA
FAVRE illustrious :
FAVRE Famille de Lannaz Valais 1353
FAVRE Antoine Syndic et Métral de Bramois 1618
FAVRE Jean Notaire Romont-Fribourg 1372
FAVRE Auguste Fribourg (Gruyère-Romont) Lully Ecclesiastic 1823
FAVRE Pierre Syndic de Genève 1309
FAVRE Alphonse Géologist 1815-1890
FAVRE Camille Colonel-Brigadier 1845-1914

FAVRE Famous :
FAVRE Lucien Soccer Player Echallens 1957
FAVRE Pierre-Marcel Editor Lausanne
FAVRE Brett Lorenzo Gulfport MS NFL player USA 1969

Phone number : 0041227368847
Mobile phone : 0041791016016

e-mail :
All games to all my fame
Wish : become billionaire

Countries visited notably :
USA Canada Holland Norway Sweden Finland Iceland Denmark Great Britain Ireland France Spain Argentina Italy Vatican Tunisia Morocco Israel Brasil Japan Singapore Paraguay Indonesia Thailand Malaysia Australia Ivory Coast Russia

Swiss champion -55kg (1991 Boudry Neuchâtel Switzerland)
European vice champion -60kg (1992 Salou Catalonia Spain)
Fourth world champion -55kg (1990 Houston Texas USA)

Link :

Nickname : "The Replicant Benefic Divine One from
                     Tami doorverwijspagina" Longevity
                     100 years

Mathematical continuation : The Knave of Clubs alpha The Queen of Diamonds delta The King of Spades beta The Ace of Hearts gamma
4th dimesion little cube inside big cube

Physics : 4th dimension Hyperbola space time
                Teleportation Alice Bernard

Chemistry : Mineral water carbon silicon

Genetic : Replication normal today 4 arrows
               Replication mutant 2 arrows futurist

Informatic : Matrix or simulation KTH SE command and MIT US power

Associate member of :
Union Démocratique du Centre since 2002 (section Genève delegate) (section internationale membre actif)
Club Alpin Suisse (section Monthey & Genève)
Association Suisse-Israël (Yéouda Hamacabi Mea Shearim Salomon Rabbi Mendel PEVZNER )
Association en faveur de l'Aéroport de Genève
Canadian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce
Geneva Irish association

FAVRE Romain wants that India join the United Nations Security Council and obtain the 6th veto wilding member (China India France Russia United Kingdom United States of America)

FAVRE Romain wants that european union speaks english only instead of more than 25 different languages

FAVRE Romain wants that Switzerland and Iceland amalgamate in order to become one country

FAVRE Romain wants that armasuisse buy Saab 39 Gripen to replace 70 F-5 Tiger of Swissarmy

FAVRE Romain wants that Mexico join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization this year 2009

FAVRE Romain wants that Switzerland by universal suffrage swiss vote joints the Commonwealths Great Britain

FAVRE Romain wants that Credit Suisse First Boston Bank buy up the Deutsch Bank and keep the name of the Swiss bank and the color and the logo of the Deutsch Bank

Upcoming event: World Armwrestling Championships 2010 Las Vegas Nevada USA

Let's make a donation to support armwrestling :
Favre Romain i need 47000 CHF for the swissteam for the world in Kazahstan
Post office bank account : 17-505940-9
clearing 9000 1207 Geneva Switzerland

The most beautiful girl in the world: Gabriela SABATINI
Love : Princess Eugenie Victoria Helena d'York
Admire : Barbara BUSH daughter (Belgrade)
Messiah : FLOURNOY Théodore